PS4 Slim Review: First Impressions and Unboxing

Considering getting a PS4? Read on for these first impressions of Sony's new, redesigned console.

Although the PS4 Slim has yet to be officially announced by Sony, that hasn’t stopped people from unboxing and reviewing it already.

We only knew of the PS4 Slim’s existence initially from a YouTuber called ZRZ, who seemingly was able to get his hands on a brand new retail box (the video has since been taken down).

Over at Let’s Play Video Games, there’s already an advance review published on their site of the PS4 Slim which they claim they got from a  retail manager who sold the unit on eBay.

At first glance, the PS4 Slim is merely a smaller version of the current PS4 model. There are no significant improvements to how it performs and it doesn’t upscale games to 4K or support UHD video playback like the Xbox One S. However, it does ‘run cooler and quieter’.

The PS4 Slim’s big new feature is its redesigned DualShock 4 controller, which comes included in the package. there is a strip of light at the top of the touch pad which allows the colour of the light bar to be seen during play. This is handy for games that feature light-bar colour changes to indicate player health. The review adds that this ‘thin light-strip is minor enough to not be distracting’. The new controller also transfers data entirely over wired connection rather than wireless, allowing a more frame-precise reaction time.

PS4 Slim Controller
The redesigned PS4 Slim Controller

The PS4 Slim is around a third smaller, with dimensions of 264 x 39 x 288mm. The reviewer also states that there’s a ‘solid few centimeters off it on each of the surrounding edges, which is nice for cramped entertainment centres’.

If you’ve ever wanted to upgrade your PS4’s hard drive, the PS4 Slim makes it much easier to do so. There is now a thin piece of plastic on the rear corner of the console which, when removed easily by hand, exposes the SATA drive port. Simply undo one screw with a standard screwdriver, replace your drive, and replace the screw. The plastic covering then clips back on. Just like the original model, the PS4 Slim supports the maximum SATA drive size.

Aesthetically, the PS4 Slim has been changed and now has a fully matte finish along with a more curved look. Great news for those that didn’t enjoy the current model’s glossy finish which show off those annoying micro scratches.

The PS4 Slim’s official announcement is expected to happen next week on September 7th at an event in New York, where Sony is also expected to release the PS4 Neo. This will be a more powerful version of its console capable of 4K gaming and video playback.

Read the full review over at Let’s Play Video Games


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