Call of Duty: Infinite War – The Best Prices and Deals

Call of Duty is out and we've been searching for the best deals on the Standard and Legacy editions of the game so you don't have to.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is out now and it’s received positive reviews from the critics. GamesRadar+ says that Infinite Warfare ‘makes some refreshing changes to deliver a confident and exciting shooter’. Polygon writes that it ‘offers one of the best campaigns the series has provided, with stellar writing and varied environments.’

While the Standard version of the game already boasts a solid single player campaign and fun multiplayer, including a new and even more addictive co-op Zombies mode set in an 80s theme park, the Legacy Edition is a truly excellent package for all you die hard Call of Duty fans.

If you fancy spending just a bit more, the Legacy Edition comes with a remastered version of CoD: Modern Warfare 4, arguably the greatest Call of Duty game ever! This includes not just the campaign but also 10 multiplayer map packs.

We’ve rounded up all the best prices and deals for the Standard and Legacy editions of the game. This article will be frequently updated with new prices and deals as they come in so stay tuned!

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