Battlefield 1 v Call of Duty: Battle of the Shooters

Battlefield 1 or Call of Duty? We've played both of this year's major shooters to see which of them is worth your time and money

Battlefield 1 or Call of Duty? That is the question.

Call of Duty returns once again with Infinite Warfare. Although the reviews have generally been quite favourable, there is a growing fatigue with the annual first person shooter franchise. It’s all starting to feel a bit too samey for fans of the series.

This year has also seen the release of Battlefield 1, with EA Dice taking the bold step of setting their game during the First World War. It might feel regressive for a military shooter to step back in time, but Battlefield 1 feels fresh and exciting.

Both are excellent games but we recognise that some people don’t have the time or money to spend on both games. We’ve had an extensive playthrough of both games and give our verdict as to which one you should buy:


The settings to Call of Duty and Battlefield 1 are very different from each other.

Call of Duty is set in the distant future where man has ventured out to the far reaches of space and colonised planets. You have to put down an attempted insurecction led by a group known as the Settlement Defense Front (SDF) who wish to control the solar system.

Battlefield 1, on the other hand, is a more sombre look on the subject of war. The player controls six different characters from a first-person perspective over six different chapters. Unlike previous campaigns in the series, Battlefield 1’s single-player story mode is composed of six separate “War Stories”, each shown through the eyes of separate soldiers from different nationalities.

Winner – It’s a tough one as we liked both, but we have to give it to Battlefield 1. Call of Duty has already dabbled with futuristic settings but World War I is a fresh experience we’ve rarely seen big budget shooters touch upon.


Infinite Warfare is the same Call of Duty you know and love with a few differences.

You’ll get to experience space dogfights in your Jackal, you’ll also be fighting in zero-gravity and moving from surface to surface while the fight rages on around you. This ensures that Infinite Warfare is a lot less linear than previous installments.

If sci-fi inspired guns, bombastic action set pieces and intergalactic travel are your thing, then we recommend you check out Infinite Warfare’s campaign, which is a little longer too, coming in at around seven-eight hours after its side missions are taken into consideration.

By taking us back to World War I, Battlefield 1 is able to show off a wide variety of locations that brings home the true scale of The Great War.

Despite WWI being between 1914-1918, there are still a vast amount of weapons that were used at that time, and they’re all coming to Battlefield 1. It’s all historically accurate and very, very satisfying. Melee combat will also play a larger part this time, forcing you to get up close and personal through trench warfare.

Winner – Despite the changes in Infinite Warfare, Battlefield 1 does a fantastic job of bringing World War I to modern shooters with brilliantly recreated settings and storytelling.


If you’re big on cooperative gameplay, there’s only one winner: Infinite Warfare.

Even then Call of Duty co-op mode is limited to Zombies this year, ditching Black Ops 3’s campaign co-op to focus on the popular side mode.

Set in a neon laden 80s theme park, you’ll once again face off against hordes of the undead. It even stars David Hasselhoff as a mysterious DJ who offers assistance.

Still as fun as ever, this iteration of Zombies is also a lot more accessible for newbies and comes with optional prompts to explain what’s going on.


This is without doubt the most hotly contested aspect of any shooter.

Battlefield 1 brings the weaponry, vehicles and chaos of World War 1 to large maps and 64-player matches.

You can battle it out on the ground with tanks, or up in the skies as fighter pilots. There are also 3 vehicles known as ‘Behemoths’: Airships, Armoured Trains and the Dreadnought. You can use these to wipe out your enemies in spectacular fashion.

The guns can take some getting used to. Hold onto your machine gun’s trigger for too long and it’s crosshairs will trail upwards from the recoil. It’ll be irritating at first but this makes the combat all the more challenging and brutal.

Call of Duty’s multiplayer offering, however, is pretty similar to last year’s Black Ops III. The difference is that the Specialist classes are gone and replaced by Combat Rigs.

Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer is pretty weak compared to previous Call of Duty games. We had more fun playing the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered multiplayer which comes with the Legacy edition of Infinite Warfare.

Winner – Battlefield 1’s multiplayer modes and maps bring to life the epic scale of World War I. You’ll never see anything quite as awesome or as visually striking as a Zeppelin crashing onto the battlefield during a match.

And the winner is…


While we enjoyed playing both games, it has to be said that Battlefield 1 is simply incredible. The gameplay is phenomenal as well as the storytelling. We really like the way EA Dice has presented the ‘War Stories’ mode, allowing players to experience different settings and theatres of war.

Infinite Warfare doesn’t quite match up, though there’ll be enough reasons for fans to pick it up. It’s quite tempting to stump up the extra cash and pay for the Legacy Edition, which comes with a remastered version of Modern Warfare 4 – one of our favourite Call of Duty campaigns ever that also comes with 10 multiplayer maps.

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