Soundfreaq Pocket Kick

Soundfreaq Pocket Kick Review – Boom or Bust?

The Pocket Kick is the portable version of Soundfreaq’s award-winning Sound Kick range. It is convenient to carry around and can connect to a wide range of iOS and Android smartphones and tablets with a minimum of fuss.

Look and feel

The Pocket Kick is a good looking bit of kit that comes in 3 colours: Black, Gold and Platinum.

Located on top of the speaker is a microphone for hands-free calls and on the sides are Volume and Play/Pause buttons. You’ll also find a Bluetooth button, a micro USB slot and a 3.5mm AUX IN jack.

The build quality is excellent and needs to be as this is a speaker designed for travel. Both sides of the Pocket Kick have durable metal grills with a rubber band that wraps around the edges for extra grip and prevents it from moving around as it vibrates. It also comes with a lanyard that clips onto the speaker too.

With its rounded edges and 360g weight, it’s made to fit in your own pocket. These along with the Pocket Kick’s smaller size (65mm x 150mm x 30mm) make it an ideal while travelling and carrying it around in your bag.

Sound Quality

While it may look good, ultimately it’s sound quality that will make or break the Pocket Kick.

While it may not pass muster with true audiophiles, the Pocket Kick provides a clear, articulate sound. There was however some distortion when it came to playing bass heavy music at high volumes, though this is to be expected with smaller speakers.

In conclusion…

The Pocket Kick’s £79 price tag may be a little high and audio geeks may want to look elsewhere if they’re into heavy bass.

However, Soundfreaq have designed a fantastic bit of kit that provides good sound with a simple, clean and good looking design. It connects seamlessly with any Apple or Android device via Bluetooth or using wired input.

The Pocket Kick is designed for portability and wins in that regard as its incredibly easy to carry around with you. Perfect for the music lover on the go.


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