Samsung UE49KS7000 UHDTV: Best Prices and Deals in the UK in 2017

Looking to buy the award-winning Samsung UE49KS7000 UHDTV? Here are the best UK prices and deals you can get in 2017

The Samsung KS7000 hits the sweet spot for quality and value across UHDTV sets in January 2017.

This superslim, bezel-free TV set has an UltraHD Premium certificate which means that it meets the very highest technical standards set down by the UHD Alliance, including a peak brightness of at least 1000 nits. (Nits are based on candle-light, incidentally – 1 nit equals 1 candle).

This means that its 4k panel can reproduce the full high dynamic range of the UHDTV standard with accuracy and intensity: blacks are darker, whites are brighter and the colours and greys in between are sharply delineated.

The KS7000 utilises the so-called ‘Quantum Dot’ technology that’s exclusive to Samsung. In a nutshell this means that it can display far more colours than the standard UHDTV set: over 1 billion, compared with 16.7 million. This allows more lifelike images that some describe as more like looking through a window than at a screen.

Perhaps the slickest thing about the KS7000 is that in order to keep the main panel as slim and fuss-free as possible, the set has a separate unit to connect its input, which can be tucked out of sight and prevent the usual spaghetti of cables cascading out of the screen.

The KS7000 is available in 49-inch, 55-inch, 60-inch and 65-inch screen sizes. This deals round-up will focus on the most affordable 49-incher which has the model name Samsung UE49KS7000.

Which is just as well as the Samsung UE49KS7000 has received almost critical praise from the reviewers.

Trusted Reviews in its 4.5 star review described the Samsung UE49KS7000 as “an excellent first step into the world of 4K and HDR TVs.” It reviewed it at £1,099, yet still concluded that the “price tag is very reasonable for a display of this calibre”.

The UE49KS7000 got a Best Buy rating from Expert Reviews which said that by delivering “Amazing picture quality at a decent price” it was “one of the best 4K TVs around”.

The technical boffins at HDTVtest also had a lot of time for the Samsung UE49KS7000. They said it out-performed nearly all other UHDTV sets at any price point for input lag – crucial for gamers – and motion blur.

It concluded: “The 49KS7000′s overall picture quality and UHD Premium credentials elevate the display as our number one choice in its price class – it’s a veritable HDR hero.”

So whether you’re into the latest 4k gaming, or just want a top quality certified Premium UHDTV set without breaking the bank, this is the telly to look at first. And here are the best UK prices for the Samsung UE49KS7000 you can get in 2017.

  • Samsung UE49KS7000 at Electrical DiscountSave
    Samsung UE49KS7000 at Electrical Discount

    Price: £849.00

    Was: £1299.00

    Retailer:Electrical Discount

    Special offers: 10-year screen burn warranty

    Shop Now on Electrical Discount
  • Samsung UE49KS7000 at PRC DirectSave
    Samsung UE49KS7000 at PRC Direct

    Price: £799.99

    Was: £1299.00

    Retailer:PRC Direct

    Special offers: 5 year guarantee, Half Price UBDK8500 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray Player

    Shop Now on PRC Direct
  • Samsung UE49KS7000 at Currys
    Samsung UE49KS7000 at Currys

    Price: £849.00

    Was: £1299.99


    Special offers: 5 year guarantee,

    Shop Now on Currys
  • Samsung UE49KS7000 at Amazon
    Samsung UE49KS7000 at Amazon

    Price: £849.00

    Was: £1299.99


    Shop Now on Amazon
  • Samsung UE49KS7000 at John Lewis
    Samsung UE49KS7000 at John Lewis

    Price: £999.00

    Was: £1299.99

    Retailer:John Lewis

    Special offers: 5 year guarantee

    Shop Now on John Lewis

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