Time to Downgrade: Prepaid Phones for Festival Season 2017

A prepaid phone is a must-have at festivals if you don't want to lose or destroy your smartphone. Here are some of the best we've come across

If you want to enjoy a festival without having to worry about your expensive tech, prepaid phones are worth investing in.

One of the worst things that can happen to you at a festival is your very expensive smartphone getting smashed or stolen. There’s a high chance of that happening, especially when the alcohol starts to flow freely.

There are plenty of cheap, semi-disposable 2G/3G PAYG (Pay As You Go) handsets that will do the basics. Shopomo have put together a selection of reasonably priced, prepaid phones that already come with minutes, excellent battery life and a tough exterior. These phones can take a serious beating, perfect for when you’re roughing it on a muddy field for 3 days.

Some of them will be locked into one network so make sure you buy either SIM-free or one compatible with yours if you want to use your own SIM card.

Get yours now in time for festival season.

  • Vodafone Smart First PAYG Smartphone
    Vodafone Smart First PAYG Smartphone

    Price: £20.00

    For a PAYG smartphone, the Vodafone Smart First 7 offers a ton of features for a great price.

    It comes with Android 5.1 Lollipop, GPS and gives you fast access to your favourite apps and social media (just so you can let your mates know just how much you’re enjoying Glasto).

    It’s locked to the Vodafone network so if you’re a current customer you can keep your number.

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  • MobiWare Ayasha
    MobiWare Ayasha

    Price: £15.00

    Make calls, send texts and enjoy useful features like an FM radio and a torch. The MobiWire Ayasha is a no-nonsense all-rounder.

    In total this’ll set you back £15. The handset itself is £5 but you have to purchase a ‘Big Value Bundle’ from Vodafone. The cheapest package is £10 and includes a 30-day allowance of 500MB of data, 100 minutes and 100 texts.

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  • Alcatel 10.16
    Alcatel 10.16

    Price: £10.00

    This phone is simple, easy to use and pocket friendly. It features a bright 1.8-inch display, standard 12-key keyboard and a built-in FM radio.

    It is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which delivers around 3 hours of talk time and a standby time of approximately 160 hours.

    This phone does all the basics and you can get it for the ridiculously low price of £14.99. It also comes with £10 of PAYG credit from EE.

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  • Nokia 130
    Nokia 130

    Price: £14.99

    The Nokia 130 is great for travelling. It comes with a built-in FM radio and some preloaded games. You can also share content using a microSD card or Bluetooth and listen to your favourite music with the built-in MP3 player with up to 46 hours of playback. It even comes with a built-in flashlight, handy if you’re struggling to find your tent in the dark.

    The Nokia 130 also has an incredible standby time of up to 36 days for prolonged use.

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