What to Wear to Wimbledon: The Ball Is in Your Court

Tennis season is upon us and with it the question of what to wear to Wimbledon. Discover our edit of key pieces to buy for the tournament.

Tennis season is upon us and with it the question of what to wear to Wimbledon.

A lot of our time is dedicated to bringing you inspirations and how to avoid a fashion faux-pas.

When it comes to the famous tennis tournament, the sartorial etiquette is trickier as many elements have to be taken into account (the weather being one of them).

With less than a week to go and a schedule which promises to be in full swing, we wouldn’t want you to spend too much time worrying about the dress code.

To make sure your style is ace for one of the most prestigious tennis event of the year, discover our edit of what to wear to Wimbledon.

  •  Mango Straw Hat with White Band
    Mango Straw Hat with White Band

    Price: £19.99

    The dress code used to be smart at Wimbledon but it has been relaxed over the recent years.

    Keeping safety in mind first, the first item on our list is a straw hat with a white band that pays tribute to the tournament.

    After spending hours in the sun without heat stroke, you will thank us for the advice.

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  • River Island White Patchwork Clutch
    River Island White Patchwork Clutch

    Price: £25.00

    Classy and practical, this patchwork clutch from River Island is a chic addition to your summer wardrobe that will come in handy for Wimbledon, as its white hue (a trend this season!) also respects the classical dress code of the event.

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  • Reebok Princess Spirit White Trainers
    Reebok Princess Spirit White Trainers

    Price: £45.00

    This pair of Reebok classic trainers go hand in hand with the nature of the event and while you won’t be on the court yourself, remember to keep them sparkling white as dirty trainers are a big no-no.

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  • Lacoste Dress
    Lacoste Dress

    Price: £55.00

    Lacoste is a French label founded by René Lacoste with tennis at the heart of the brand.

    This mini polo dress from the brand with its girly cut and bold colour is guaranteed to be a smashing hit.

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  • ICE ICEBERG Polo Shirt
    ICE ICEBERG Polo Shirt

    Price: £57.00

    Was: £63.00

    Iceberg is an Italian fashion house founded in 1974 and considered as one of the early pioneers of athleisure.

    Mixing sportswear inspiration with high fashion is the creed of the label, which makes this polo shirt from their diffusion line a relevant piece to wear to Wimbledon.

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  • See By Chloé Chambray Mini Skirt
    See By Chloé Chambray Mini Skirt

    Price: £78.00

    Was: £205.00

    On our mission to find what to wear to Wimbledon, we thought we’d add this delightful chambray skirt from See by Chloé.

    Its A-line shape guarantees a flattering silhouette while chambray adds a denim twist to your look.

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  • Prada Sunglasses
    Prada Sunglasses

    Price: £160.00

    This art déco pair of sunglasses by the Italian fashion house Prada is guaranteed to turn heads (conveniently so, for a tennis tournament!).

    Their rectangular shape means no need to worry about being blinded by the sunlight as they will allow you to focus on the action on the court.

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  • Gucci Jordaan Loafers
    Gucci Jordaan Loafers

    Price: £405.00

    If trainers are not your cup of tea, loafers seem to be the other acceptable option for Wimbledon.

    This pair of Gucci horse bit loafers is iconic as the shape makes them one of the most famous shoes in the footwear landscape, revisited in a pink hue referencing the Pantone colour of the year, Rose Quartz.

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