Modern Bohemian: The Trend to Try This Summer

The modern bohemian trend is here to fulfill your every sartorial need this season, regardless of where you intend to spend your summer.

The modern bohemian trend is here to fulfil all of your sartorial needs this season.

While we say goodbye to the winter months, time has come to welcome the sunny days and update your wardrobe accordingly.

The season of festivals is upon us so it comes as no surprise that festival style, with its bohemian influences, has rubbed off on fashion.

Ditsy prints, soft volumes and candy store colours are some the elements that you can easily inject in your daily style to become a true modern bohemian.

Kick start your summer with our round-up of bohemian picks which will guide you from those long sunny days smoothly into breezy summer nights.

  • Midi Skirt
    Midi Skirt

    Price: £150.00

    This Hugo Boss midi skirt represents everything that we crave during the summer months: a flattering A-line cut, subtly contrasted stripes and pleats which inject some modernity in the silhouette.

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  • Off-The-Shoulder Top
    Off-The-Shoulder Top

    Price: £273.15

    The off the shoulder look has been worn by the most stylish women for decades.

    Its comeback started on the Spring’15 runways, with off-the-shoulder tops reminiscent of 70s naiveté while also putting the focus on one of the most feminine parts of the body.

    We recommend wearing the trend with high-waisted culottes for a more casual/bohemian look or an A-line midi skirt for evening occasions.

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  • Culotte

    Price: £45.00

    The culotte (also known as wide-legged crop pants) adds some volume to the silhouette while bringing the focus to the leg in an unexpected way, making the transition from day-to-eveningwear effortless.

    At £45, we highly recommend this pair as a way to be in on the trend without breaking the bank (also we love denim.)

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  • Fringed Bag
    Fringed Bag

    Price: £120.00

    When it comes to bohemian style, nothing screams “boho” more than fringes, and while we would leave the excitement of a full-on fringed jacket to the boldest fashionistas, this Reiss fringed bag, in its subtle pale blue hue, allows you to invite the trend in your wardrobe without being over-the-top.

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  • Blanket Poncho
    Blanket Poncho

    Price: £197.00

    Was: £395.00

    The advantage of the modern bohemian trend is its inherent comfort and cosiness, which is why we’ve included this MiH poncho on our list.

    With its geometrical print and fabric, it will keep you warm on chilly summer nights in style.

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  • Stylish Slides
    Stylish Slides

    Price: £229.45

    Was: £382.41

    No 21 is the name of the brand created by the genius multi-tasker that is designer Alessandro Dell’Acqua.

    Very young and fresh, No 21 is one of those brands that create trends season after season and these slides are the perfect example.

    An item of comfort yes, but having a look at these No 21 slides, you realise their value lies in their intricate detailing and beautiful quality.

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  • Climber Earrings
    Climber Earrings

    Price: £49.99

    These climber earrings are an elegant way of adopting the modern bohemian trend.

    The shape is unexpected yet very elegant, which is why it has been such a hit among editors and street style aficionados.

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