The Easy Fashion Trends of Autumn 2016: The Edit

In The Edit, we guide you through everything trendy and fashionable for every budget. Today we talk about the easy fashion trends to adopt

Too lazy to do your research? Don’t worry we have you covered with our guide to the easy fashion trends for autumn 2016.

September is here and with it the beginning of Autumn. New seasons means new trends.

While we’ve already established the defining trends for Autumn/Winter 2016, we thought we’d explore in more depth what to wear during the transition.

Wearability is a key element of one’s style. Indeed, no one wants to wear clothes which get in the way of your already busy life.

Some clothes may look fantastic on the runway, but don’t necessarily translate well in real life.

With our lazy girl’s guide to Autumn 2016 trends, you’ll be able to dress the part without saying goodbye to comfort.

Discover our edit of the easy fashion trends in Autumn 2016.

  • The Ruffled Shirt
    The Ruffled Shirt

    Pictured: Stella McCartney Denim Ruffle Shirt

    As far as low maintenance goes, nothing beats a shirt.

    Its complexity to elegance ratio is through the roof as a shirt is easy to pull off and makes you look immediately more polished and put together.

    Ruffles are a big trend this autumn, and the combination of frills and shirt is a godsend as the two pair so well.

    Ruffles add an air of vintage romance to your outfit. They easily combine with office wear as well as the more casual denim-and-shirt combo.

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  • The Tulle Skirt
    The Tulle Skirt

    Pictured: Simone Rocha Tiered Tulle Skirt

    With ballet-inspired pieces being all the rage, the tulle skirt has earned its place on our easiest Autumn 2016 trends list.

    Thinking about it, tulle is incredibly feminine not only due to its association with ballerinas but also its sheerness and the way it moves with the body.

    A tiered tulle midi skirt can be worn for formal occasions or in a punk fashion on top of skinny jeans and paired with combat boots and a hoodie (in a way that brings to mind Vêtements)

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  • The Pink Coat
    The Pink Coat

    Pictured: Simone Rocha Oversized Sparkle Wool Blend Coat

    Since Céline along with Carven decided to put it back on the map for their respective A/W 2013 show, the pink coat has been a staple of any fashion editor’s wardrobe.

    This year, outerwear has so much to offer in terms of shapes and cuts. With pink being a trend, your search for the perfect pink coat or (bomber) jacket has never been so easy.

    Opt for long and masculine shapes which will guarantee you stay warm and comfortable (emphasis on comfort, always!).

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  • The Velvet Shoes
    The Velvet Shoes

    Pictured: Sophia Webster Renee Mary Velvet Pumps

    Again, a pretty low commitment and low-maintenance piece to invest in for Autumn 2016.

    Velvet shoes look like suede from afar but are shinier upon closer inspection.

    Velvet is a mysterious fabric and speaking from experience, remarkably comfortable.

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  • The Fringed Bucket Bag
    The Fringed Bucket Bag

    Pictured: Stella McCartney Falabella Small Fringed Bucket Bag

    As Bohemian as it gets, the fringed bucket bag is the perfect addition to any city girl wardrobe.

    Its strength lies in the fact it can be carried in multiple ways depending on how busy your hands or arms are.

    It is also roomy enough to carry all your essentials while limiting the number of unnecessary things you could be tempted to carry with you.

    Good for your style and good for your posture.

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