5 Denim Fashion Essentials for Spring 2016

Your Spring/Summer 2016 denim fashion guide that goes beyond simple jeans.

Denim fashion has always been at the core of our wardrobe.

With the death of the skinny jeans, we had to figure out new ways to wear denim in style.

Luckily for us, designers on the runways have come up with a lot of options for us to sport this cherished fabric. Forget skinny jeans, from richly embroidered jackets to frayed denim jeans, we walk you through the most inventive variants of denim fashion to make you ready for Spring 2016.

Without further ado, our favourite denim style picks to satisfy your every whim and fulfil your double denim dreams.

  • The Denim Dress
    The Denim Dress

    Why we love it:Super trendy

    A newcomer to denim fashion, this season the denim dress is the mix of comfort and style you have always dreamed of.

    Denim dresses come in shapes ranging from functional shirt dresses to girly bib dresses, as this season, there is a denim dress for everyone.

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  • The A-line Denim Skirt
    The A-line Denim Skirt

    Why we love it:#LegsForDays

    This denim skirt adapts perfectly to the temperatures all year round, so instead of being a seasonal item it really is a wardrobe staple.

    Denim skirts also add an air of cool to the most proper of looks.

    We particularly like the A-line shape as it is flattering to every figure while giving you legs for days which elongates the silhouette.

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  • The Embroidered Denim Jacket
    The Embroidered Denim Jacket

    Why we love it:Layering staple

    The denim jacket is already a fashion pack favourite, so adding intricate embroideries is the best way to stand out from the crowd and offset the severity of denim with a feminine and poetic touch.

    Popularised in the 90s and now making a comeback thanks to the advent of denim fashion, the denim jacket will also be the answer to your layering dilemmas.

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  • The Denim Shorts
    The Denim Shorts

    Why we love it:Summer mood jumpstart

    Good weather calls for shorter hemlines, that’s a fact.

    Shorts are the perfect item to get into the summer mood and there is a shape for every silhouette.

    We particularly like high waisted denim shorts as they bring a retro touch to any outfit but frayed or patchworked denim shorts work too.

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  • The Boyfriend Jeans
    The Boyfriend Jeans

    Why we love it:Versatile and comfortable

    Skinny jeans are now considered passé and while it pains our hearts to say goodbye to our beloved skinny denim jeans, a good alternative to including denim in your wardrobe is to jump on the boyfriend jeans bandwagon.

    Boyfriend jeans give you a lot of options as they come frayed, with patchworks or dark washes and the cuffs allow you to flaunt your ankles.

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