The Edit: The Chicest Skirt Styles for your Body Type

Mini, midi, maxi... skirts come in all shapes and sizes to adapt to the female body. Discover our lazy girl edit of the chicest skirts styles for your body type.

Mini, midi, maxi… skirt styles come in all shapes and sizes to adapt to the female body.

While it can be dizzying to keep up with trends and fads, knowing what looks good on you and adopting flattering cuts and shapes as part of your uniform makes dressing up all the more enjoyable

It also expedites the shopping process which, if you’re like us and never have time to do anything, is a great bonus.

From flouncy minis to A-lines, we figure out what style works best for which figure.

Discover our lazy girl edit of the chicest skirt styles for your body type.

  • You're an Hourglass
    You're an Hourglass

    Ladies with tiny waists and generous curves, you are one lucky bunch.

    On top of having a figure which men have deemed the most attractive, you also get away with having options when it comes to your style.

    A-lines will look good on you, but so will skater, wrapped and mini skirts.

    You also have the body type on which pencil skirts look the most sensual as they accentuate your curves, smooth the thighs and elongate your legs.

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  • You're a Pear
    You're a Pear

    If your hips happen to be the widest part of your body, the A-line skirt will be your best friend.

    We’ve already extolled the virtues of A-line skirts, which in our opinion look great universally.

    But for pear-shaped ladies, they actually serve another purpose as they make your waist appear smaller and camouflage the stomach and hips in an elegant manner.

    Go for short hemlines which will put your #legsfordays in the spotlight too.

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  • You're a Straight Shape (or Banana)
    You're a Straight Shape (or Banana)

    If you are on the skinny side when it comes to your body shape, you can still wear skirts and be confident while doing so.

    Mini skirts will be your ally as they will accentuate your legs.

    Wrapped or gathered skirts, as they create volume, will give the impression of luscious curves as long as you keep the hemline above the knee.

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  • You're an Apple
    You're an Apple

    Apple shapes (slim upper body, weight is carried around the waist)  call for skater skirts!

    High waisted and flouncy skater skirts will hide your problem areas as they flare over the stomach, top of the thighs and hips.

    Dark colours are obviously slimming but given the shape of these skirts pastels are also completely acceptable as long as you make sure to stay away from horizontal stripes.

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