5 Velvet Fashion Essentials To Embrace The New Season

Velvet invites mystery and magic into your wardrobe this season. Shop our favourite velvet styles to embrace now.

Velvet carries an aura of mystery and magic few other fabrics can boast.

It is a woven fabric with threads piles densely and cut evenly, giving it its signature feel.

It also happens to be one of the most defining trends of the new season.

Dries Van Noten invited the material onto his runway on accessories for Autumn/Winter 2016  and so did Julie de Libran at Sonia Rykiel.

Other designers such as Erdem Moralioglu and Haider Ackermann went for the full look including the fabric on entire outfits.

Regardless of the way you look at it, designers have fallen for the delicate textile and so will you.

Discover our edit of velvet essentials to embrace the new season.


  • Velvet dress
    Velvet dress

    The mood of next season is set to be dark, taking inspirations from pagan culture and embracing women’s witch-like abilities.

    The velvet dress is an easy way to pull off the trend as it can be dressed up with shiny accessories and pumps or embrace the mysterious mood designers have set for Autumn/Winter 2016 with more velvet accessories.

    The reflective nature of the material makes it flattering without being as over-the-top as shiny metallics.

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  • Velvet Crop Top
    Velvet Crop Top

    The 90s have been making a comeback lately from the reformation of the Spice Girls to the return of chokers.

    Velvet crop tops bring to mind the heyday of 90s fashion, but in 2016 they can also look incredibly dressed up.

    Wear your crop top al fresco for evening occasions or on top of a white button-down to add a touch of goth-luxe to your outfit.

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  • Velvet Purse
    Velvet Purse

    Accessories also get the velvet treatment this season.

    Bags become statement pieces due to the subtle reflectiveness of the material contrasted with embellishments and appliqués.

    Opt for embroideries which add an air of nobility and sophistication to your bag.

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  • Velvet Necklace
    Velvet Necklace

    Out of all the different types of necklaces available, the one style that lends itself perfectly to velvet is… you guess it, the choker!

    The 90s favourite has been resuscitated and goes hand-in-hand with velvet, bringing back to mind flashbacks of 90s favourites of TV, Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Charmed.

    To lighten your look and avoid leaning towards a full gothic look, choose light colours such as powdery pastels.

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  • Velvet Shoes
    Velvet Shoes

    Dries Van Noten offered velvet boots with pearl heels for his Autumn/Winter 2016 shoe in Paris, asserting his mastery of textures.

    We recommend you do the same with your velvet shoes and go for models which explore different textures and feel. As by now it must be obvious that the versatility of velvet resides in contrasts.

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