Tried and Tested Tips to Take Care of Silk: Fashion Fix

From storing to washing, let's have a look at how to care for your most prized silk pieces in this edition of Fashion Fix.

After introducing you to the ABC of fashion tips for fashionistas, we thought we’d round up some tips to take care of silk and make your life easier.

Few things are more annoying or upsetting than damaging your cherished clothes.

Indeed, when you think about it, clothes are an expression of your personality and tastes.

If we extend the metaphor, any damage to your clothes represents a damage to your ability to express yourself and feel confident.

This time, we address how to take care of your silk clothes.

From how to wash silk to how to store your silk items, here are our top tips to take care of silk.

Washing Silk

  1. Silk is usually dry cleaned which is fine, but did you know you can actually wash most of your silk clothes at home? To do so, handwashing is the way forward. Wash silk in cool to lukewarm water using pre-dissolved washing liquid mixed with water.
  2. Never use hard detergents or bleach on silk as it would destroy the fabric.
  3. While handwashing is usually ok, make sure your silk clothes are not subjected to stringent temperature changes. Stick to cold or lukewarm water.
  4. Some silk items are washable in the washing machine, as written on their label. Make sure you use the shortest spin cycle and put your clothes in a washing mesh bag.
  5. When using a washing machine to wash silk, always separate the colours.
  6. To avoid losing the colour, use three tablespoons of white vinegar for every two-quarter of a litre of water.


Drying Silk

  1. Never tumble dry silk.
  2. Once washed, never ever wring out silk as you’d run the risk of damaging the fabric and shape.
  3. Instead, lay down your clothes and roll them up in a flat towel and gently press to get the water out.
  4. Hang your silk garments to dry on a clothes hanger to keep them in shape.
  5. Avoid drying silk in direct sunlight as it will damage the fabric and fade the colour.


Storing Silk

  1. As silk is a natural protein fabric, clothes moths go crazy for them. You can use naphthalene balls, lavender essential oil or cedar hangers to repel them.
  2. Don’t cover your silk items in plastic as the fabric needs to breathe.
  3.  Store silk in a dry and dark place.
  4. If you need to store silk for extended periods of time, remember to shake and air your clothes in bright light to fight potential clothes moths and eggs from damaging them.

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