Spring fashion essentials: Everything a man could need

Essential men's Spring fashion to see you through the season in style

As the seasons change so should your fashion choices. Spring time is a great season as it mixes many of the climates, temperatures and conditions of other seasons allowing you to dress up or down as much as you want. Fancy layering up? You can do that. Want to hit the town in just a t-shirt and light chinos? In Spring you can do that too! The season is about having options and we’re here to show you the options every man needs in their wardrobe this Spring.

  • Bright trousers
    Bright trousers

    Vibrant coloured trousers aren’t to every man’s liking and there’s a thin line between elegantly vivid and obnoxiously loud. However this year brighter coloured trousers have made their way back to the forefront of men’s fashion with white chinos especially being part of many designer’s SS collections.

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  • Bomber jackets
    Bomber jackets

    The ever-reliable bomber is a great inter-seasonal jacket. Can be worn over nearly anything and looks good on all body shapes.

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  • Chino shorts
    Chino shorts

    Casual shorts are an obvious choice for the Spring season. The golden rule of shorts is to remember that they must sit just below or just above the knee.

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  • Light blazer
    Light blazer

    For those breezy evening dates or sunny days in the office invest in a lightweight cool coloured blazer. A seersucker or cotton single breasted blazer are great versatile options that can smarten up any look.

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  • Short sleeve shirt
    Short sleeve shirt

    Short sleeve shirts come in many different styles and prints so you’ll be spoilt for choice this season. Floral prints are big this year but you can just as easily enjoy more subtle designs.

    The most important thing to remember is to get the fit right. Slim not tight, the aim is to compliment your form not hug it. Fashionbeans put it perfectly when they said “when it comes to fit, think well-cut and not baggy,” and that “sleeves should fall at least a few centimetres above the elbows and shouldn’t flap about like a pair of wings” and we’re inclined to agree.

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  • Sunglasses

    Once you’ve determined the shape of your face you can invest in a good pair of shades that will see you through Spring all the way to the end of Summer. Not just a stylish accessory but one of the most practical. Protect your eyes and complete your Spring look.

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  • A White Tee
    A White Tee

    A wardrobe classic as iconic as it is versatile. For both men and women, you can’t go wrong with a simple white t-shirt. Wear it as a layer or pair it with some blue jeans to channel your inner James Dean.

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  • Suede shoes
    Suede shoes

    As the sun starts to show its beautiful bright face you can start to wear more luxury materials on your feet without the fear of rain destroying them. Soft leathers and premium suedes are definitely the way to go. We’d recommend a lovely pair of suede Brogues or Derby’s as they’re smart enough for a day at work but casual enough to wear on your days out of work.

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