Lifestyle Essentials: Luxury Men’s Holiday Style

Time has come to lay back, relax and enjoy our men’s holiday style essentials edit.

With a weather as miserable as what we’ve been having lately, we thought we would bring some sunshine to your wardrobe and a smile to your face by compiling a list of luxury men’s holiday style essentials.

Forget the greyness, getting splashed by inconsiderate drivers and constantly worrying about your (already ruined) hairstyle.

Teleport yourself to sunny beaches and dreamlike landscapes (cocktails not included) and get a preview of your holiday (if you’re a lady, we’ve got you covered too).

Time has come to kick back, relax and enjoy our men’s holiday style essentials edit.

  • The Swimsuit
    The Swimsuit

    Price: £22.00

    TopmanBlack Hawaiian Floral Swim Shorts

    When it comes to beachwear for men, mistakes can easily happen.

    Obviously, say no to anything longer than knee length as the shape is deeply unflattering and unrefined.

    We would actually recommend shorter hemlines for your swimwear, like this pair of floral swim shorts from Topman, which are very on trend with their dark floral pattern and drawstring.


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  • Modern Shades
    Modern Shades

    Price: £426.79

    Dior HommeComposit 1.0 Round Sunglasses, 62mm

    Belgian designer Kris Van Assche is at the helm of the men’s division of Dior.

    He is known for his post-modern designs and inspirations rooted in the world of architecture which have reinvigorated the brand and pushed it into the 21st century.

    We are currently coveting this pair of sunglasses from Dior Homme, as the house of Dior is in itself a classic that should be found in every man’s wardrobe. This design has been particularly successful among (the best dressed) celebs.


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  • Branded Sliders
    Branded Sliders

    Price: £55.00

    HunterMen's Slides

    Flip flops are big no no and going to the beach is no exception to the ban.

    While we’re not a fan of burning our feet’s soles on the sand, we wouldn’t be caught in flip flops.
    What would we wear? Slides of course! More comfortable than their toe-splitting cousins, slides add comfort, support and style to your beach style.

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  • A Tank Top with Flair
    A Tank Top with Flair

    Price: £50.64

    SATURDAYS NYCRosen Feeder Tank Top

    Avoid white tank tops at all cost if you don’t want to look like one of the masses of beachgoers.

    To affirm your own personal style, switch it up with prints and colour.

    A breton stripe is actually the perfect compromise of all these elements.

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  • A Plain Linen Shirt
    A Plain Linen Shirt

    Price: £135.00


    A staple of your holiday wardrobe, the linen shirt makes transitioning from long days on the beach to evening fiestas easy.

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  • A Lightweight Luxe Jumper
    A Lightweight Luxe Jumper

    Price: £580.00

    Loro PianaKnitted Silk Sweater

    As much as we’d love it to be constantly warm and sunny, it’s always better to take precautions and pack layers.

    When it’s cool in the shade, pull over (see what we just did there?)  this lightweight Loro Piana jumper.

    You can thank us later.

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  • A Printed Backpack
    A Printed Backpack

    Price: £715.00

    Pierre HardyCamo Cube Backpack

    Beach holidays are synonymous with practicality so unless you’re set on destroying precious leather totes with salt water and sand, we would strongly advise against it.

    Luckily the backpack, in all its nylon (and practical) glory is here to save the day.

    We recommend prints, like on this Pierre Hardy camo backpack.

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