Men’s Festival Fashion: Your Ultimate Guide

Because festival fashion doesn't have to all about the ladies, we guide you through a selection of men's festival fashion items that should be on your list.

Men’s festival fashion is a bit of a grey area within the topic of style.

Not too many male celebrities are seen as style icons and the ones who are, don’t usually hang out at Coachella or Glastonbury.

All in all, there’s not a lot of point of reference for the men who attend festivals but are conscious about their style.

That’s why we are here to help and introduce you to our men’s festival fashion guide.

You will find everything you need on the sartorial front, so you can dance the days and nights away with gusto and elegance.

  • A Good Hat
    A Good Hat

    Why we love it:Boyish swagger

    With the ever whimsical British weather, it’s alway better to be safe than sorry.
    An easy way to get ready is to include a baseball cap on your festival wardrobe that will keep nasty sunburns at bay and bring an element of effortless cool in your outfit.

    Pictured: LAROSE Seersucker-Cotton Baseball Cap

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  • A Printed Shirt
    A Printed Shirt

    Why we love it:Delicate details

    Printed and embellished short sleeved shirts are making a comeback (thanks to Gucci, Dries Van Noten and Numero Ventuno).
    While we wouldn’t go for a full-on Hawaiian shirt, tropical or floral prints are a must-have.

    Pictured: Dries Van Noten Christie Embellished Cotton Shirt Black

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  • A Good T-Shirt
    A Good T-Shirt

    Why we love it:French elegance

    T-shirts are a staple of men’s festival fashion.

    We recommend Breton stripes that add a French twist of elegance to your outfit and long sleeves to allow you to layer.

    Pictured: SAINT LAURENT Distressed Striped Cotton T-Shirt

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  • Great Denim
    Great Denim

    Why we love it:An essential

    A good pair of skinny black jeans goes a long way.

    Practical, elegant and  (almost) stainless, black denim is your mud-proof gateway to festival fashion.

    Pictured: Valentino Black Slim Fit Jeans

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  • Tailored Shorts
    Tailored Shorts

    Why we love it:Fluctuating weather

    Your men’s festival wardrobe should allow to you adapt to the weather and feel comfortable, which is why we’ve included tailored shorts on our list.

    They will make the transition from rainy weather to scorching heatwaves effortlessly.

    Pictured: Thom Browne Classic Backstrap Short

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  • Hi-Top Sneakers
    Hi-Top Sneakers

    Why we love it:Stand out from the crowd

    While wellies can be very cute on women, we don’t think they work well on men…something to do with the shape of the legs.

    Rather than wear wellies, we’d recommend to switch it up a little bit on the style front and go for hi-top rubber trainers which will power through the toughest meteorological conditions.

    Pictured: SK8-Hi Zip California Black

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  • A Lightweight Parka
    A Lightweight Parka

    Why we love it:Layering factor

    Another reasonable and refined item to pack for your festival getaway, a lightweight parka is a layering dream coming true and looks good with everything (hello shorter hemlines.)

    Pictured: Sandro Squad Lightweight Parka

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