Insert Coin – Gaming t-shirts under £20

Shopomo takes a look at some of the best gaming-themed t-shirts around. We've spotted merch based Resident Evil, Zelda, Fallout, Mario and more.

From the classic days of pixelated Pong to Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5, you’re never too old to appreciate a good game.

With this in mind, we’re taking a look at some of the best gaming-themed t-shirts for folk on a budget. We’ve scoured the internet for merch based on titles including Resident Evil, Zelda, Fallout and Mario.

Read on and take a look at our collection of gaming threads for under £20.

Umbrella Pharmaceuticals T-shirt (Inspired by Resident Evil)


Price: £14.16

Available from: Shopomo

Based on the iconic Resident Evil series, this t-shirt from Shot Dead In The Head features the infamous Umbrella Corporation logo.

Avid fans of the series will remember Umbrella as the evil company that helped spawn countless hordes of zombies. If you’re a fan of Resi and all things undead, then this is a good buy.

Bioshock Golden Logo T-Shirt (Inspired by Bioshock)


Price: £10.76

Available from: Shopomo

Irrational Games’ underwater adventure Bioshock was a hit when it arrived back in 2007, and now you can get heads turning too with this Golden Logo T-shirt.

This offering from Gameseek features a picture of the stunning city of Rapture and not much else. Simple, but satisfying.

City of Los Santos Emblem (Inspired by Grand Theft Auto V)


Price: £18.24

Available from:

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V has widely been labelled as the must-play title of the year, so it makes perfect sense to celebrate such an achievement with some new clothes.

This shirt from features the emblem of fictional city Los Santos, also including some images gamers will recognise. We approve of the yeti emblem, which is a nod to Bigfoot’s inclusion in the game.

While we’re on the subject of, we’d like to mention that the website offers a whole host of great GTA-related shirts. We found it hard to spotlight just one.

Nuka Cola T-shirt (Inspired by Fallout)


Price: £20

Available from:

Nuka-Cola was the most popular soft drink in the Fallout world before the Great War, and this t-shirt from raises a glass to the imaginary beverage.

Sadly this t-shirt doesn’t come bundled with a refreshing Nuka-Cola, but it does bring subtle design that only fellow Fallout players will understand fully.

Pocket Link T-shirt (Inspired by The Legend of Zelda)


Price: £18.38

Available from:

No gaming apparel collection would be complete without a Zelda t-shirt, considering the title is considered by many as one of the best adventure games of all time.

This themed t-shirt features a mini, cartoon Link poking out the corner pocket, grasping a metal shield covered in iconic Zelda graphics.

Portal 2 Aperture 80’s Logo Premium Tee


Price: £12.47

Available from: Shopomo

Portal test subjects take note: Shopomo is now offering Aperture Laboratory t-shirts.

Both of Valve’s puzzlers, Portal 1 and its sequel, take place in the mysterious world of Aperture’s research labs.

With a simple but effective design, this black t-shirt features the logo of the fictional scientific group.

Mario T-shirt


Price: £14.99

Available from: Shopomo

This official Nintendo t-shirt offers some nice, bold colours and a great picture of princess-saving Mario.

Celebrate the world’s most famous plumber by hitting the streets in this eye-catching white buy, which we’re pleased to report is on offer for under £20.

Foxhound T-shirt (Inspired by Metal Gear Solid)


Price: £12.57

Available from: Shopomo

The story behind Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid series is complicated, but this t-shirt is anything but.

Arriving courtesy of Gameseek, this dark grey t-shirt features the logo of Foxhound, the High-Tech Special Forces Unit established by Metal Gear character Big Boss.

Halo 4 T-Shirt – The Return (Inspired by Halo)


Price: £19.99

Available from: Shopomo

Arguably the most famous title on Xbox, Halo continues to entertain millions of Sci-Fi lovers around the world.

This Halo 4 t-shirt features none other than Master Chief himself, donning the impressive green suit of armour with orange visor.

Dog Pile Premium T-shirt (Inspired by Battlefield)


Price: £19.99

Available from:

The Battlefield series is trying its best to set itself apart from Call of Duty and it seems to be doing a good job on next-gen consoles.

This white t-shirt features a soldier carrying a pile of dog tags, which is a subtle reference to the way in which players can collect items in EA’s army shooter.

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