5 Humid Weather Fashion Tips for Men

Summer is back and with it the ugly possibility of humidity. Discover our waterproof edit of humid weather fashion tips for men.

Humid weather fashion doesn’t need to be tricky.

Summer is back and with it the ugly possibility of  humidity.

Humidity ruins everything from your composure to your hair but it is no reason to give up on your style.

We have already laid out some tips on how to dress when the humidity levels skyrocket for the ladies.

The time has come to help gentlemen nail humid weather styling on its moist head.

Whether holidaying in Bali or stuck in the office for the summer, don’t let the forecast prevent you from making a splash sartorially.

Discover our edit of humid weather fashion tips for men.

  • Breathable fabrics
    Breathable fabrics

    We’ve already extolled the virtues of linen and cotton when it comes to fighting sweat efficiently.

    For men, the possibilities these two fabrics offer are endless and in the case of a moist-ocalypse, cotton and linen are must-haves.

    You can choose to wear short or long sleeves depending on the occasion, but what we like the most about these two materials is the fact they are so versatile and allow your skin to breathe (linen is actually so light it can be see-through).

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  • Be the King Of Layering
    Be the King Of Layering

    As you never know whether it will be raining like there is no tomorrow in the case of a humid forecast, layering is your key to avoiding sticky situations.

    We recommend once again natural fabrics.

    In this case, silk jackets which will keep you warm minus the part where you look sweaty and unattractive.

    Silk jackets also happen to be the summer equivalent to our beloved and universally flattering MA-1 jackets.

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  • Cotton Bottoms
    Cotton Bottoms

    Cotton chinos or tailored shorts will guarantee you keep your head above the water sartorially speaking.

    Breathable and practical, they adapt perfectly to the city or the beach and quite frankly should be in every man’s wardrobe.

    Go for light colours such as grey or whites which will distract the heat from the sun.

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  • Adjust Your Footwear
    Adjust Your Footwear

    As breathability is key, mesh and cotton come in handy for your footwear choices.

    Lucky for you, canvas trainers, plimsoles and espadrilles are uber trendy this season in menswear.

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  • Cap-italize

    Baseball caps have been ubiquitous on the Spring/Summer 2016 runways.

    After the advent of the bucket hat, another part of 90s memorabilia found its way back into our closets.

    Baseball caps will shelter your hair from frizzing and keep your face dry when it rains, making it the perfect companion for those humid days. Once again, stay clear of synthetic fabrics which will make the situation and opt for cotton and silk instead.

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  • UK bonus: A Storm Proof Umbrella
    UK bonus: A Storm Proof Umbrella

    In a country where 4 seasons can happen in one day, you’ll never regret taking your umbrella with you.

    Not any umbrella, as the wind tends to break the smallest ones easily.

    Opt for a sturdy umbrella which will last you long and use it as an excuse to invite a +1 underneath it when it starts pouring.

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