5 Autumn 2016 Menswear Trends Explained : The Edit

Autumn 2016 Menswear trends offer a wide array of choices and styles for the savvy trendsetter.

Here we decode why there has never been a better season to fall in love with fashion all over again.

Unlike the women’s runways and even though it is currently more popular than ever, menswear has always been somewhat conservative.

Sure the rise of British designers like SIBLING or Christopher Kane has given eccentricity an outlet, but Savile Row-type suits are still very much the norm.

For Autumn 2016, wearability and panache finally find a common ground and we see the advent of rigorist styles combined with more unconventional pieces. Outerwear is very much at the centre of this shift.

From checks to keep you in check, to pretty in pink outerwear discover our edit of 5 Autumn (or Fall) 2016 Menswear Trends, explained.

  • Checkmate

    While gingham has been all the rage in womenswear for Spring/Summer, checks are also going to be big next season in menswear.

    Checks adorn luxurious wool coats and jackets as seen at Raf Simons and Bottega Veneta, two of the most influential fashion brands in the world.

    The trend includes tartan and dark coloured gingham and is reserved to outerwear.

    The colour palette is restricted to dark hues such as brown, deep green and grey only to be highlighted by some strokes of vivid red and yellow reminiscent of Scottish tartan.

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  • Bomber Jackets
    Bomber Jackets

    Since it was brought back au gout du jour, the bomber jacket has become the classic that keeps on giving of the menswear world.

    You can never have too much of a good thing, and the saying proves to be true for the bomber jacket as designers have once again flooded the runways with the military piece which has now become a fixture of the men’s wardrobe.

    This season, the bomber departs from its original khaki colour onto more vivid hues.

    Textures are also updated to include fur trims and inserts as seen at Louis Vuitton while other designers such as Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy opted for prints and patterns.

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  • Tracksuits

    With the advent of athleisure and 90s fashion, it comes as no surprise that the tracksuit is finally having its moment.

    Usually regarded as a shameful error in fashion history, the tracksuit gets a revamp to bring it into the 21st century.

    Alessandro Michele at Gucci injected kaleidoscopic prints in his interpretation of the trend, while Christopher Bailey at Burberry chose the opulence of a fully sequined tracksuit jacket.

    The tracksuit becomes dramatic and over-the-top, in complete opposition with the lazy and unrefined image that was attached to it.

    Fashion it seems, is a fan of contradictions and knows how to laugh at itself too.

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  • Puffer Jackets
    Puffer Jackets

    Considered by some as the distant cousin to the bomber jacket, the puffer jacket shares a utilitarian nature and fabrics with the military jacket.

    The resemblance stops there and becomes even more evident next season.

    Oversized and heavy, the puffer jacket goes from high performance to high fashion with fur and shearling collars, shiny lustres and a wider colour palette.

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  • Pink

    Pink hues invite themselves into the men’s wardrobe for the Autumn/Winter 2016 season.

    The colour is stripped from its association with everything girly and effeminate.

    At Gucci and Kenzo, we saw bright pinks mixed with roaring reds, while British designer Paul Smith injected the colour on outerwear.

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