What to Wear on a First Date

Let us help you navigate the fashion landscape for any occasions. This time, we address the issue of what to wear on a first date.

In our what to wear section, we help you navigate the fashion landscape for any occasion that may appear tricky. This time, we help you figure out what to wear on a first date.

First dates can be tricky. So tricky there is an actual TV programme named after them.

The awkwardness, the need to impress your counterpart, the conversation and expectations as to whether you’ll hit it off or not…first dates come with their own amount of stress and discomfort.

While we cannot guarantee the outcome of your date, we can definitely help take your mind off the burden of coming up with an appropriate outfit.

Discover our edit of what to wear on a first date.

  • 1. The Coffee Date
    1. The Coffee Date

    The king of casual dates, the coffee date usually occurs during the day which means A. excellent yet unforgiving lighting and B. a perfect occasion to take the business casual style to new levels.

    Our advice? Wear something comfortable that makes you feel good.

    If you’re looking for a trendy yet casual piece, our pick would be the boyfriend jeans.

    Boyfriend jeans show that you care about your appearance without being over-the-top and they work all year round too.

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  • 2. A Drink in a Pub
    2. A Drink in a Pub

    Think drinks right after work kind of setting.

    While the location remains on the casual side, alcoholic drinks are involved now so we can’t stress enough the comfort element.

    The one piece that works in an office and a pub environment would be the blazer.

    A staple of French women’s style, your blazer will take you from day to night making you dressed up without looking out of place.

    The blazer will save you from the shift in temperature which can be quite brutal in summer. It also sports handy pockets to carry your essential cards or cash which will definitely be needed to pay for a pint and a vodka tonic.

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  • 3. The Movies
    3. The Movies

    A step-up from “Netflix and chill“, the movie date is God’s gift to those who feel shy with conversation and small talk.

    As the movie date is the only kind of date that comes with a time stamp, staying comfortably in the same position for hours is something to take into account.

    Movie theatres tend to be overly air-conditioned so the sweater dress will come in handy in this case.

    Comfy and dressy, the sweater dress is uber-feminine and will keep your warm during your date.

    You can also experiment with colours and prints depending on how confident you feel with these.

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  • 4. The Casual Meal
    4. The Casual Meal

    Another daytime date, another opportunity to let your style shine.

    For this occasion, the statement top will be your go-to piece. More precisely the off-the-shoulder top.

    Uber trendy and a perfect way to hide problem areas (or whether you’ve overdone it with your portions), the off-the-shoulder shows the right amount of skin and uncovers one of the most feminine parts of the body.

  • 5. Sophisticated Bar
    5. Sophisticated Bar

    A sophisticated bar is a perfect occasion to take your style to new heights, pun intended.

    Far from the formality of a dinner date and yet less casual than just a coffee, the cocktail bar date ensures that you can wear heels without too much discomfort or pain.

    Block heels are all the rage, so why not opt for a pair of statement heels with inserts, laces and colours?

    Your statement high heels will be a good way to get remembered and a fantastic conversation starter.

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  • 6. The Upscale Restaurant
    6. The Upscale Restaurant

    The date of all dates, the upscale restaurant date requires you to dress the part.

    A midi dress is de rigueur here, paired with high heels and a box clutch.

    And yes, we realise they are not your most comfortable options but your date is choosing a sophisticated setting so it is now your turn to impress him or her!

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