ASOS Launches Fashion Week of Flash Sales

ASOS Launches its 2017 Fashion Week: 7 Days of Flash Sales for new season trends

Fashion retailer ASOS has launched 7 days of flash sales this week with each 24-hour period being used to highlight a particular new season trend in men’s and women’s wear.

Today – Friday 10 March 2017 – pushes skateboard chic for men while women can can grab some safety pins and enjoy a range of punk styles.

Then as each new day dawns, another trending fashion will be featured in a 24-hour flash sale offering a 20% discount on all new items featured. Men can still look forward to Heritage and Indie Rocker. Meanwhile upcoming women’s sales will showcase Athleisure and Historical.

The ASOS Fashion Week runs until this Sunday 12 March 2017.

  • ASOS Fashion Week: Friday on the StreetSave
    ASOS Fashion Week: Friday on the Street

    Get down with your skateboarding self with 20% off these urban street styles.

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  • ASOS Fashion Week: 20% Off Punk Fashion for Women
    ASOS Fashion Week: 20% Off Punk Fashion for Women

    Bring on the anarch this Friday with this great range of punk fashion.

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