Choosing the Right Sunglasses for Your Face

When it comes to buying a pair of sunglasses there's more to it than meets the eye

The time of the year has finally come back around when donning a pair of sunglasses is more a practical need than stylish statement. There’s a wealth of styles and shapes out there to choose from, which can make shopping for shades both fun and frustrating. Picking a pair can be as easy as seeing a pair you like and buying them but to really get a pair that suits your face it takes a bit more effort.

In this guide we’ll show you the various face types there are and based on which you fit into, we’ll show you the best shades for your face type. After all, if you’re going to stun in shades these Spring and Summer seasons, might as well get the best pair you can.

If you have a…

  • Square face
    Square face

    This shape features a strong jawline with wide cheekbones, the face is broad with a deep forehead and square chin.

    For a face shaped so boldly, opt for oversized and curvy framed shades. Aviators are a great example while many other rounded pairs work well to soften the strong lines and features of the face.

    Sunglasses pictured from top to bottom – Aviator sunglasses by Gucci, Havana sunglasses by Polo & Doppio Havana sunglasses by Spektre

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  • Round face
    Round face

    The opposite to a square face, this type of face houses soft, circular and full features without strong lines and angles.

    The aim when looking for shades is to avoid frames that exaggerate the roundness of the face. Frames that are wider than tall do well to break up rounded fuller features and give the illusion of a slimmer face. Sunglasses covered in prints, bright colours and detailing are another good style for breaking up curvaceous features.

    Sunglasses pictured from top to bottom – Leopard print sunglasses by Dolce & Gabbana, 009014 rectangle sunglasses by Oakley   & rectangle sunglasses by Police

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  • Oblong face
    Oblong face

    Oblong shaped faces are characterised as having long, narrow features with very few angles. The right shades should give your face balance and width.

    There’s a lot of choice for those with this face shape. Almost anything oversized works well while round, square or rectangular shapes compliment the face too. Think models like large wayfarers or thick frames. The trick is to choose sunglasses that don’t extend beyond the widest part of your head.

    Sunglasses pictured from top to bottom –  Acenna sunglasses by Aldo119/S Squared sunglasses by Carrera & Holbrook sunglasses by Oakley

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  • Heart shaped face
    Heart shaped face

    If you fall into this category, you’re most likely to have a broad brow, narrow pointed chin and of course a silhouette similar to a heart. Your face shape draws attention to your naturally striking eyes.

    This type of face is perfect for more quirky and retro styles of sunnies. Pairs that angle out towards the top corners and widen the face, like cat-eyed sunglasses are good for you. However you could find lower profile pairs that’ll compliment your face just as well.

    Sunglasses pictured from top to bottom – Raspberry thick frame sunglasses by Zoobug, Retro sunglasses by Guess & Retro sunglasses by F&F

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  • Oval face
    Oval face

    The natural balance of this face shape makes people with it the lucky ones when it comes to shopping for shades. Pretty much any style works. However it is best to experiment with different models to find your preferred style.

    If there is just too much choice for you, opt for shades that are wider than the broadest part of the face or even walnut-shaped frames that aren’t too narrow. Both go with the shape of the face rather than against it, although with this face shape there’s not many pairs you could try that will look terrible. The real factor to take into account would be hair colour and skin complexion, find shades that compliment or go with such colours and tones rather than clash.

    Sunglasses pictured from top to bottom –Black/borwn sunglasses by Gerry WeberArriba performance sunglasses by Adidas & Butterfly sunglasses by Prada

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