Pretty in Pink (or How to Adopt the Pink Trend This Season)

Your go-to guide on how to adopt the pink trend and be pretty in pink this season.

In this edition of The Edit, we show you how to adopt the pink trend according to your taste.

Selected as one of the colours of the year by the colour think tank Pantone, pink has seen a resurgence of popularity.

Pink offers a wide array of shades which gives you an infinite number of ways to pull off the colour.

Whether you want to opt for the full look or take a more demure approach to styling the colour of love, the possibilities are as exciting as they are endless.

From powdery pink to fiery fuchsia, discover our edit on how to adopt the pink trend this season.

  • Contrasting

    One way to make sure your choice of wearing pink gets noticed is to add contrast to your outfits.

    Contrasting is also called colour blocking.

    Some colours which go hand in hand with pink and are totally on-trend are olive green, anthracite grey or even red for the most adventurous.

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  • Layering

    If you are ready to commit to the trend, another way to adopt it is by opting for a pink full-look.

    Layering different shades of pink from the softest baby pink to the more fiery fuchsia is one way to make sure you get the trend right.

    The chicest way to approach pink layering this season would be with tailored coats and tops.

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  • Soft Hues
    Soft Hues

    Introduce soft shades of pink in your wardrobe for a sweet and innocent touch.

    While we’ve covered the topic of must-have shoes for next season, we haven’t really featured colours and chose to focus on shapes and materials.

    If you are not willing to don the pink trend yet, there’s still an easy and subtle way to add light touches of the candy hue in your wardrobe.

    Pink accessories whether they’re bags, jewellery or shoes are the solution to your sartorial dilemma.


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  • Impeccable Tailoring
    Impeccable Tailoring

    With the advent of designers such as Phoebe Philo at Celine or unisex fashion houses such as Rad Hourani, the limits between genders are getting blurred.

    Men are starting to normalise and assimilate skirts while women borrow from the menswear closet regularly.

    If you want to keep the balance of femininity with a certain masculine bravado  and edge, add the colour pink to sharply tailored pieces such as blazers or cigarettes trousers.

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