Brand Spotlight: Marc B.

Get to know some of our favourite brands in Brand Spotlight. This week we look at independent accessory makers, Marc B.

Marc B? What is it?
Marc B describes itself as an “independent accessories brand”. From its headquarters in Notting Hill, London it makes handbags and purses in a range of styles.

Ah so handbags, great! How did that come about then?
The story of Marc B all started while its founder Sam Blanc was taking in the sun and sights of a holiday in Asia. Something about the exotic culture set off a light bulb and the opportunity to supply well crafted and designed handbags was spotted. With the very first handbag being created in Asia.

Marc M cream handbag

Upon bringing the bag back to the UK, it was met with a warm welcome by friends and family – and the up and coming brand and was quickly picked up by high street stores. Marc B’s arsenal grew from the one printed shopper to a number of bags in various styles and colours and the rest as they say, is history!

What kind of handbags does it make?
The Marc B. team has come a long way since its first printed shopper bag. Its line today features clutches, cross body and shoulder bags, wristlets, quilted handbags and purses as well as tote designs reminiscent of the bag they started with. All bags and purses boast the quality and design of a premium product and all feature the distinctly recognisable trademark gold heart.

Marc B gold heart

That all sounds expensive, can I really afford a Marc B bag?
You wouldn’t be wrong for thinking deluxe quality and original design would be pricey but Marc B takes those things and gives them to you at an affordable price. Part of Marc B’s appeal is just how pocket friendly its bags are. Sitting comfortably in the mid-range handbag market, Marc B is able to create accessories that look great, are functional and built to last but come at a fraction of the price of some of its competitors. This value and quality is what has lead to some of the world’s biggest retailers stocking Marc B bags

With so many bags, where do I start?
Well of course you can start buy browsing its whole collection on its own site. You can also check out its most recent lookbook for the latest styles and if you’re in need of a bit of inspiration, its online community is perfect. Join 100s of women as they wear and share their style, favourite bags and purses and favourite looks. We particularly enjoy its Instagram and Pinterest pages too!

Marc B Black Handbag

Ok well I’m convinced, how can I get my hands on one?
As we mention earlier you can check out their whole range on the Marc B site but also shop Marc B from a number of stocklists through Shopomo.

  • Find timeless handbags, classic accessories & purses with an edge at Marc B.
    Find timeless handbags, classic accessories & purses with an edge at Marc B.

    For the latest handbags, purses and accessories check out Marc B.

    Shop Now on Marc B.
  • Find Inspiration with the Marc B Lookbook
    Find Inspiration with the Marc B Lookbook

    Get creative ideas and inspiration from the Marc B lookbook. Sumptuous visuals to help you accessorise…

    Shop Now on Marc B

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