Which? Claims Half of Black Friday Deals are Cheaper at Other Times

Consumer watchdog Which? reveals that almost half of Black Friday 'special offers' are actually cheaper before or after the big shopping event...

The consumer pressure group Which? claims that over half the advertised deals on Black Friday are no cheaper than normal offers.

Which? – formerly known as the Consumers’ Association – tracked deals on 20 popular consumer electronics and large appliance products during Black Friday last year. Its research showed that 49% of the deals were actually cheaper in the periods before and after Black Friday itself.

Only 8 per cent of the discounts were 1-day deals that were cheapest on Black Friday itself, while 12% of the offers were better in the months leading up to the event and 38% were better in the weeks following.

All this reflects a dilution of the ‘special-ness’ of the Black Friday phenomenon as retailers rush in with masses of not-so-special offers to cash in on all the consumer.

Even more worryingly, Which? claims that some retailers were inflating the ‘was’ price to make the Black Friday deals look better than they were – breaking government guidelines that dictate the ‘was’ price should be the most recent price for 28 consecutive days.

“Shoppers might be surprised to learn that only half of Black Friday deals are actually cheapest on Black Friday,” said Pete Moorey, the Which? head of campaigns. “If you’re thinking about starting your Christmas shopping around Black Friday, do your research as some ‘deals’ may not be all they’re cracked up to be”.

If you’re thinking (of) shopping around Black Friday, do your research as some ‘deals’ may not be all they’re cracked up to be…

For more good advice, check out our top tips to be a Black Friday super-shopper article. We’ll also be be filtering the best of the deals in our wall-to-wall Black Friday weekend coverage which will be running from 9am to 9pm across the Black Friday weekend.

After all, the good news that Which? discovered is that over 50% of the deals they surveyed had their best price on Black Friday itself. Shopomo will help you find that better half of the deals next weekend!

Which? investigated 178 deals from Black Friday 2015. The investigation involved tracking deals on Amazon, AO, Argos, Currys and John Lewis on 20 popular types of tech gadgets or home appliances. The prices were tracked every day for three months before and two months after Black Friday.

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